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10 best Excursions in Manuel Antonio Costa Rica

Manuel Antonio is one of the best destinations in Costa Rica right in the Central Pacific that offer fantastic beaches, exuberant flora and a very beautiful and unique fauna in the world.
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10 best excursions in Manuel Antonio Costa Rica

Tours and excursions in Manuel Antonio

Manuel Antonio Catamarán Tour Ocean King

Manuel Antonio Catamarán Tour

Manuel Antonio is one of the best destinations in Costa Rica right in the Central Pacific that offer fantastic beaches, exuberant flora and a very beautiful and unique fauna in the world. The Manuel Antonio National Park is undoubtedly a region that you must visit if you visit the beautiful country of Costa Rica. Undoubtedly there is a great variety of excursions in Manuel Antonio thanks to its great benefits, creating a perfect contrast for nature lovers and ecotourism, having the opportunity to carry out multiple ecological activities, either in its tropical forests, in its forests Cloudy or crystal clear waters.

Forest Rainmaker hike

If you enjoy the tranquility and peace offered by a good hike, this activity is perfect for you, as it will take you on a walking tour through natural paths that will leave you in love, enjoying the natural habitat around you, enjoying the great biodiversity that inhabits there, with exotic plantations and an impressive fauna, also through the tours you will see beautiful crystalline pools where you can refresh yourself giving you a good bath.

Carara National Park

The Manuel Antonio National Park is known for its magical beaches, lush cloud forests, exotic natural forests and exquisite flora and fauna, but only an hour away is the Carara National Park. This relaxing excursion will take you on a hike through a tropical rain forest accompanied by guides and experts who will give you a review of the park and its species. This hiking excursion is not an excursion, it will be an adventure through a natural sanctuary, in a reserve with great biodiversity.

Ride safari in Costa Rica

Enjoy the beautiful landscape in a journey to hair and immerse yourself in the sight and culture of Costa Rica, in a journey full of fun and adventure, touring the most beautiful natural landscapes of Costa Rica, such as the great biodiversity, and amazing hidden waterfalls that They will give you the experience of taking a bath in crystal clear waters. 

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Canopy Adventure

Day or night, you choose, at any time you will have the best experience of your life, enjoy the wild and wild life that is in this beautiful country of Costa Rica while doing Canopy, mixing the best of two worlds, nature and fun . This activity is excellent for the whole family, since you enjoy from hanging bridges to Tarzan liana, if, as you read, these activities are guided by experts and are completely safe, as well as better than going through the tropical jungle of Costa Rich, definitely a unique experience.

Stroll in Los Manglares of Isla Damas in Bote

Damas Island is one of the most popular islands in Costa Rica, thanks to its beautiful landscapes, its lush tropical jungle and its unique mangroves, not to mention the impressive flora and fauna that come to life in this beautiful place of Manuel Antonio. On this excursion you will go on a boat through channels, where you will see different plantations unique in their species, and secret channels that will make you live an adventure.

Adventure of Rapids in the Naranjo River

For adrenaline addicts who want to go further, live a unique experience, this activity was designed for them, stand on a raft and travel the wild waters of the Naranjo River with a constant adrenaline with Class III and IV rapids from then a ride full of speed that will leave you fascinated. This trip through the Naranjo River is pure adrenaline, and is recommended only for those experienced in the field, since these waters are quite wild and requires a good physical condition and have knowledge in the sport in an advanced manner.

Night Walk in the Jungle

The magic is not only in the day, in reality when the sun is hidden, the wonderful thing comes, since the nocturnal creatures come alive, providing the opportunity for people to marvel at the magnificence of nature. On this tour you will experience the local reptiles, insects and frogs, as you go hiking in the rainforest, also enjoying the beautiful vegetation.

Catamaran Tour

Enjoy a natural journey through the Pacific Ocean, crossing the coast of Costa Rica and delighting in the spectacular panoramic view aboard an incredible catamaran boat, with food, drink and lots of fun, then immerse yourself in the beautiful crystal clear waters of the beach Bizans, to live the best snorkeling experience of your life, knowing the exquisite marine life that lives there, as well as the coral reefs and the sunset.


Costa Rica and surfing go hand in hand, thanks to its paradisiacal beaches, and Manuel Antonio is undoubtedly known for the practice of water sports, like the sunsets, it is worth noting that Costa Rica is a country where ecotourism, and for them nature lovers go in search of new experiences and incredible adventures. Manuel Antonio has the best beaches, and undoubtedly ideal for surfing, paddle boarding or kayaking thanks to its spectacular waves. The Real Deal Tours has the perfect surf, paddle board or kayak excursion in Manuel Antonio. ! It has the best equipment, the best trainers, plus a trained staff that will make your experience in water sports unique.

Stand Up Paddle Excursion in Manuel Antonio

Costa Rica is a country known for its beaches, and certainly the practice of different activities in nature, especially aquatic, and the coast of Manuel Antonio is the ideal place, full of small islands and islands to discover suitable to travel and with crystal clear waters, not to mention the amazing ecological with its mangroves and exquisite marine life. On these excursions you have two options, either the SUP on the beaches of Manuel Antonio, or SUP Excursion in the Mangroves of Isla Damas, one of the best islands of Costa Rica, whatever the option you choose your experience will be unique, from the hand of experts who will teach you everything you need to know.

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