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7 things to do when you visit Costa Rica

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7 things to do when you visit Costa Rica

When we go on a trip, especially if it is the first time we visit a region of the world, it is important to have a tourist guide that points out important and interesting places that we should know, because this will allow us to establish a route of travel, clarify the budget or simply limit ourselves to a specific area of that country. At least this is the idea of this article in which we will point out the 7 things you must do when you visit Costa Rica. If you can not do all of them, there is no problem, but the ideal is to visit most of the places we have listed.

So, do we start the tour? …

Top 7 of Costa Rica

  1. Tortuguero National Park: It is one of the most important biological reserves in the country and one of the most popular tourist sites because in it, many sea turtles do their spawning during different months of the year, according to the season you can come across with leatherback turtles, green turtle and other varieties. In addition to spawning, Tortuguero is also popular for being a park that must be traveled through wide water channels, either mounted on a boat or canopy, the second option is one of the most popular, especially if you want to take photos and enjoying the landscape in all its splendor.
  2. Manuel Antonio Beach: With the best hotels in Manuel Antonio is located within the national park of the same name, it is one of the most popular beaches in the country, because it has a sea with little waves, clean white sands and one of the most impressive landscapes in all of Costa Rica. where the beauty of the ocean merges, along with the dense flora and fauna of the jungle. The beach has become the ideal meeting place for all those visitors who venture to walk the trails of the Manuel Antonio National Park, although it is advisable to go in the morning hours, because from noon onwards the place can not cope , especially in high season.
  3. Monteverde cloud forest biological reserve: This is the best reserve that can be found in Monteverde, because it consists mainly of primary forest, that is, they are natural specimens that have never been altered by man, so you can easily observe ancient trees , great variety of plants and flowers, butterflies and birds everywhere and everything perfectly cared for and signposted. The trails are easy to walk, although it is advisable to wear the appropriate footwear for hiking, especially since the reserve tends to drizzle frequently, it is also important to use repellent and have bottles of water during the trip.
  4. The Toledo Coffee Tour: Not everything in Costa Rica is based on large parks, reserves or protected areas, also sometimes it is advisable to get away from the routine imposed by the country and venture into a fun, different and informative attraction. This is what you will find at the El Toledo farm, a farm that has been managed by three generations of the same family. It is a place dedicated exclusively to sowing, harvesting and making coffee 100% organic, although in their words they are still learning to do it well. The place is a beautiful paradise and its administrators, are individuals who are passionate love their work.
  5. Butterfly Conservatory: Located in the vicinity of El Castillo in the area of ​​the Arenal National Park. The Butterfly Conservatory is a beautiful installation within which the life cycles of the different types of butterflies that make life in Costa Rica are studied. Their guides are very helpful and also have an insurmountable level of preparation that will allow you to understand in a few minutes both the importance of the butterflies within the global ecosystem, as well as their periods of development, since they are simple caterpillars until they reproduce and die . In addition, in this fantastic place you can also observe other species such as frogs of different types and other insects typical of the region.
  6. Ecotermales the Fortune of San Carlos: A paradisiacal place unparalleled in Costa Rica, with beautiful vegetation, sounds of singing birds and pools of natural hot springs is definitely a place to disconnect from the arduous trajín that carries the day to day of the modern world. The facilities are always very clean, the attention of the highest quality and delicious food and drinks, although if you can say they are somewhat limited in terms of menu. The site is designed to relax completely, enjoy with family or better yet, make a romantic outing as a couple. Definitely a destination that you must mark in your travel itinerary.
  7. Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary: This is a private sanctuary designed for the rehabilitation and release of wounded species or that have been used in illegal trafficking of exotic animals. The place can only be reached by 4×4 truck, due to how far it is located and the geographical area that surrounds it, a steep summit not easy to walk, at least on foot. The guides are excellent and for each animal they have a history that lets you know the reasons that led you there. The main purpose of the sanctuary is to help the reinsertion of wounded animals into their ecosystems, but those who simply do not adapt to the wild world of nature, remain in the facilities and are cared for by local veterinarians.

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