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Catering companies in Costa Rica for your events

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Catering companies in Costa Rica for your events

When we are planning a social event, be it a reunion of fifteen years, a christening, a wedding and even a children’s party, we must always plan what type of food will be distributed during the gathering, especially if among our guests there are people with Some type of allergy or special condition that makes them particularly intolerant to a type of food such as lactose, gluten or seafood. There are also those people who by philosophy of life adopt certain types of diets such as: vegetarians, vegans and protein fanatics. Obviously, if you are in charge of serving this diverse group of individuals, you may feel that sometimes so many details can be overwhelming, but if you decide to hire a catering company you will discover how everything is much simpler and simpler than you imagined.

In the event of your event or family reunion in a country different from yours and even yours, you may not know which are the catering companies that exist in the area and stores to leave everything in the hands of an event organizer, that already has an agenda of contacts to solve these situations. Also, the big hotels already offer this type of services in their all-inclusive package, but if the party is personalized or takes place in an unconventional environment it is ideal to have a directory of catering service companies in the country where you find. In our case we offer you a small list of some of the best food service preparation, distribution and management companies in Costa Rica.

Hire a catering company in Costa Rica. When you decide to hold a social gathering in Costa Rica, you must anticipate all the resources and services you will need, such as the party room, music, lighting, lodging, but among all one of the most complicated and delicate elements is the one related to the food dishes that you will offer to your guests, because we all have an acquaintance who has never decided to taste meat, the typical cousin who is lactose intolerant and even a friend which is celiac and that barely tastes a bit of flour or animal protein leaves urticaria on the skin or the colon is irritated. To avoid any kind of discomfort and ensure that everything goes perfectly, you have several options, make the event in a hotel that takes care of everything an excellent option but sometimes expensive, the other is to hire an event planner, a service very chic and much cheaper than the first or hire yourself to the catering service. If you opt for the latter and your event or party will be done in Costa Rica; Here we leave you our list of the best catering companies that are available in the country of pure life.

List of catering companies in Costa Rica:

Deli Kec’s Catering Services Solutions:

It is a family business, which is located in Costa Rica and offers various services associated with the planning, development and management of events. They are responsible for hiring and decorating the room, to provide guests with a variety of gastronomic dishes that adapt to the needs of the client.

JS Catering Service Group:

A company with a wide trajectory within Costa Rica in the production, organization and attention of high quality events. They are able to manage from children’s parties, to weddings and even large corporate congresses. They have a wide and varied menu that is offered à la carte so that it is the same customer who chooses the dishes according to their taste and the type of meeting they are planning.

Verita Catering Service:

It is a catering company with gourmet flavor, since those in charge of providing food are professionals of the kitchen. They have specialized mainly in providing corporate events, but also offer the service of attention to individuals for their parties and private meetings.

Catering Services Café Tico:

A catering company flavored in Costa Rica, its founder Marielos Yock, has remained attached to the tradition of the typical food of the region, but with a high-level gastronomic touch. It is one of the few companies that offer its service to all regions of the country and adapts to any type of event going from weddings, birthdays, tea, baby showers, theme parties, anniversaries, meetings, to BBQ.

Events and Catering Service El Angel:

It is mainly an event agency that can provide you with everything you need to bring your meeting to fruition, within its policy is to solve all the present and future needs of its customers, have a wide range of dishes and A staff willing to help you in everything that is offered.


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