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Estate in Costa Rica

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Estate in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is one of the Latin American countries, which over the years has been projected as one of the best places in the world to invest and above all to live, not for nothing the slogan of the country is «pure life», which obviously refers to the biological richness of the region, but over the years and thanks to the levels of quality of life of the Ticos, the name by which Costa Ricans are known, has become a mantra that proves that in Costa Rica is going to live and really enjoy.

Currently, there are many people around the world who have decided to invest a bit of their money in buying a property in this Central American country, mainly they are vacation properties that are immersed in the most beautiful natural landscapes and that have an indescribable economic development potential, because they can be rented so that other visitors can enjoy them but generate great profits for their owners.

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¿Why invest in estate in Costa Rica?

For those who do not know the term estate within the real estate sector, this refers to real estate, in the case of Latin America would be known more as private property or real estate. So the topic that we are going to discuss in this section is why we should buy properties in Costa Rica.

First of all it is interesting to note that we are talking about a tropical country whose temperature ranges from 37 ° C during the day to 13 ° C during the night, its seasons are only divided into two, the dry season and the rainy season. In addition, Costa Rica is emerging as one of the most progressive, stable and developed countries in Latin America. Within its culture the values of peace, respect and above all love for the environment have been sown, making it the first nation in the world to have achieved ecological sustainability.

Regarding its citizenship culture, in Costa Rica high value is placed on human rights, care for the environment, health, education, public safety and, above all, tolerance regarding the tastes and preferences of each individual, for this reason this country has become one of the favorite destinations within the LGBT community of the world.

All the real estate properties that are acquired within the country, are quite safe, since the criminal indices within Costa Rica are generally quite low, being one of the most common the theft to passers-by in the late hours of the night, but many more serious crimes such as kidnappings, murders or extortions, practically do not exist within the country.

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Most of the properties that are sold or rented are listed as luxury goods, almost all have been awarded for their architectural design worldwide and are loaded with details designed to pamper their owners while ensuring sustainability and eco- friendliness with the natural environment that surrounds them. In addition, all are located within a wonderfully indescribable landscape, just a few hours from beaches with turquoise seas, the most beautiful national parks in the world and surrounded by a wide variety of wildlife that will allow you to rediscover Pachamama, also known as the mother nature.

Buy a Costa Rica estate just for vacation

In Manuel Antonio Real Estate, most of the clients who do not usually contact, are in search of a vacation property, either to rent or buy the property. Sincerely, we always recommend making the investment in your own property, because in the long run and especially in Costa Rica, this translates into enormous economic gains over time. Speaking only about some numbers, only for 2014, 385,000 tourists entered the Manuel Antonio National Park, that is, 385,000 people who invested in lodging, food and recreation. Now thinking objectively, imagine how many of these individuals had the ability and intention to pay the rent of a luxury villa for a few days, since they prefer to spend a little more and get better care, more privacy and above all much more independence, especially if we take into account that many of the tours in Costa Rica should be taken in the early hours of the morning, when almost no hotel reception is working. Surely if you do do a few accounts you will discover that buying a property in Costa Rica is very similar to finding the gold vein in a mine, little by little it will continue to dig and increase its wealth over time, but unlike a mine, here you will never exhaust the mineral of your land.

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¿What to do to buy a property in Costa Rica?

If you are interested in acquiring property in Costa Rica, buy a plot of land to carry out a tourism or construction project or simply wish to visit the country with the purpose of conducting a market study and assessing its potential. Do not hesitate to contact any of the real estate agents of Manuel Antonio Real Estate. We have a team of professionals who will dedicate themselves in body and soul to provide you with a totally personalized service, adapted to your needs, business vision and that above all will guarantee your well-being. Because for us the most important thing is that you feel pure life.

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