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Hiking in Costa Rica, an incredible adventure!

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Hiking in Costa Rica, an incredible adventure!

While many have heard about hiking, so it is true that many do not really know what it is and the benefits of its practice. Hiking is a sport activity which is practiced in natural paths and through which you can visit cultural and heritage sites of the area or trails. This sport is intermingled between natural elements and the environment. That is why it is considered a low cost sport since it is outdoors, it is very popular and there are many places where you can practice.

This practice, although it comes from Spain, has become so popular that nowadays it is practiced in any part of the world, of course, with adequate conditions that allow it. Costa Rica beautiful tropical country is one of the best places with landscapes and conditions necessary to enjoy such a pleasant sport.

Where can we enjoy hiking?

In Costa Rica, you can enjoy hiking especially in the Cerro Chirripó Grande, a beautiful place where you can safely make your walk if you already have experience doing this popular sport, on the contrary if you are starting, there are options that will surely allow you enjoy it with total comfort without effort and at the same time allow you to enjoy its beautiful landscapes.

In our tourism agency we offer you the best in services, especially our operators will tell you about how you can make such a popular and healthy sport, you, your family, your friends or your partner can do it with total security and at the same time you will be enjoying the better options in terms of mountain excursions, river adventures, beaches, national parks, among other places.

We tell you some of the places where you can enjoy hiking in Costa Rica:

Cerro Pelado: It is located in Guanacaste, you can get there through our transport service.

Pico Blanco & La Ventolera: It is one of the highest mountains of Escasú, it is surrounded by exuberant and spectacular vegetation, which makes it an ideal place for the family.

Cerro Espíritu Santo: It is located in Naranjo, is considered suitable for those novice athletes because it is a hill easily accessible and only 1,363 meters high.

Cabeza de Vaca: It is located 2,790 meters above sea level and in the area of ​​Prussia, the place has a fork that leads to a place suitable for family recreation and the other, a somewhat difficult path suitable for hiking.

Kamuk Peak: It is considered one of the hills a bit strong and suitable for experienced athletes, is located at 3,549 meters above sea level, within the La Amistad National Park, for being one of the highest peaks you need a lot of preparation and have time available for Begin the adventure.

Bosque del Niño: Ideal place for all types of vacationers, as it combines areas where you can choose fun or sports, a picnic area, waterfall and three trails which you will choose according to your sports preparation.

Cerro Dragon: Site not suitable for beginners athletes as it is a walk of almost three hours, you can access it through Acosta or Aserrí.

All these places you can enjoy, with just a call or a click on our page, Visit us and you can know all the plans we have for you, your family, friends, children, in short, for all, we offer corporate plans, family, full promotions, and above all, an important fact, at a low cost for you.

Do not think twice, we have the best service to make your stay in Costa Rica the best, remember that we have trained staff in the area, bilingual tour guides, transportation, the best and the most tasty menus with typical food of the country, the best itinerary so you can enjoy without any mishap the best fun and healthy recreation. You will spend the best holidays in your life.

Remember, call us, if it is your first time we give you all the advice on this matter, if you have already enjoyed our services you know that we have the quality that characterizes us. We are on the web and in networks willing to assist you when you need it.


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