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Moving to Costa Rica A Pleasure

One of the greatest attractions of Costa Rica is the quality of life it offers to those who have made this beautiful country their permanent home.
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Moving to Costa Rica a pleasure

One of the greatest attractions of Costa Rica is the quality of life it offers to those who have made this beautiful country their permanent home. Mostly they are individuals who love nature, who love sowing, the field and contact with animals. Others; They are people who seek a much more peaceful, balanced and spiritual life, which have added to their daily routine practices such as meditation, tai chi, yoga and have even become vegetarians. And finally, we find extreme athletes with a long history who love this country for its waves, its many volcanoes and the number of high difficulty hiking routes. As you can see there are three well-defined profiles of permanent residents in the country of pure life, but all have something in common, they love to lead a healthy life and have a high ecological awareness, something that has transformed this country in Latin America into the Mecca of sustainability and environmental conservation, so much so that by 2021 they aim to be the first zero carbon nation in the entire planet.

Another important fact is that we are talking about one of the most consolidated democracies in the entire American continent, one of the few countries in the world that have decided to abolish their own army and allocate the greatest amount of resources to the area of ​​education and health area, in order to guarantee a broad well-being for its citizens and a competitive position in the global market.

In terms of security, Costa Rica is a country with very low crime rates, most of the incidents that occur daily are petty thefts, where some thief snatches the wallet from a clueless pedestrian or takes advantage of the darkness of the night to hunt down some potential solitary victim. But these events are really few and are isolated in time.

How difficult is it to buy a property to move to Costa Rica?

Regarding the purchase and sale of real estate in Costa Rica, we are talking about a market that is at its peak. Year after year, many retired men and women of Europe decide to make the small country of Central America their permanent home. Some see it as a potential investment, especially if they decide to rent the house to tourists, set up an inn or better yet, create their own farm within one of the places in the world that has decided to support any activity related to the agricultural sector and the tourism sector.

In Costa Rica, you can rent a small apartment in one of the most popular towns such as San José, Manuel Antonio and even Arenal, to buy a luxury villa in any remote area of ​​the country and surrounded by the most beautiful paradise landscape that can be found in any region of the world. And it is only in Costa Rica that you can count on a piece of land where there are waterfalls, volcanoes and even monkeys.

Moving to Costa Rica to invest in a tourist business

If on the contrary, instead of a family home you are looking for a property that allows you to develop economically, in Costa Rica you will also find from hotels, premises and lots of land designed for such purposes. Of course, we recommend you not to lose sight of the fact that in this country the most important economic sectors are tourism and everything related to ecology, such as farms, conservation areas, animal husbandry or any business oriented to hospitality, like restaurants, spas, massage centers, places of lodging and even souvenir shops, which allows the visitor to feel cared for and as if he had arrived home.

As for the lots of land, there are in different sizes and near areas of tourist interest, as well as remote and discrete sites. Everything will depend on the project you have in mind, because if it is a private villa, people usually seek to build them in retired places that offer an undying peace. While it is a hotel or any construction with a commercial purpose, it is preferable to raise the project on a main road easily accessible to visitors.


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