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If you doubt if you plan to stay in Manuel Antonio Costa Rica, Hotel La Mariposa is one of the most finding places you will find, with a 270 degree view, it is without doubt one of the best hotels in the entire Manuel Antonio area.

We offer you the following rooms:

The Honeymoon Suite
A complete top-floor dedicated to our unique and exclusive Honeymoon Suite.

Premier Ocean View Suite:
These airy contemporary and spacious rooms offer a tasteful design combination of European modern style and Costa Rica’s tropical style.

Standard Ocean View:
Offering the most inspiring views of the Pacific Ocean from your private La Mariposa Hotel balcony.

Ocean View Double Connecting:
Kick back in your airy balcony that merges into the tropical forest, perfect for enjoying the green colors of Costa Rica and listening to the calls of the howler monkeys.

Standard Room:

Our Standard Room offers tranquility and comfort at the lowest rate. This oversize room features two double beds and a sitting area.

Ocean View 3 Bedroom Apartment:
Our most recent addition to La Mariposa Family Apartments is designed to take advantage of breathtaking views, this 3-Bedroom Ocean View Apartment provide the perfect holiday escape for the whole family.

Ocean View 1 Bedroom Apartment:
Perfect for singles or couples, this accommodation style emphasizes natural light and large open plan living creating a comfortable and natural spacious environment.

Garden View 2 Bedroom Apartment:
La Mariposa 2-Bedroom Garden View Apartments, are probably the most convenient accommodations that you can find in the Manuel Antonio area.

Garden View 1 Bedroom Apartment:
La Mariposa 1-Bedroom Garden View Apartments, are probably the most convenient accommodations that you can find in the Manuel Antonio area.

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Hotel La Mariposa Unique and Majestic

The hotel La Mariposa, is a hotel located in Manuel Antonio, Quepos in Costa Rica. A magnificent hotel which you can rest, relax and spend luxury.

hotel la mariposa

Manuel Antonio Real Estate

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Velero texto

Velero Camaradian Manuel Antonio Costa Rica:

In our Sailboat you can enjoy an unforgettable day or sunset, your adventure aboard our sailboat begins as you navigate the scenic coastline, passing through the beautiful beaches of Manuel Antonio National Park. As the sailboat slides silently under the sail, you are likely to see dolphins, which often swim in the wake of the Sailboat. Sometimes depending on the season you will see whales and the giant sea turtles are a special emotion.
We wait for you for this unforgettable enjoyment in our sailboat.
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Half-Day Manuel Antonio Catamaran Cruise
Catamaran Adventure from Manuel Antonio
Private Catamaran Sailing Eco-Adevnture Manuel Antonio
Catamaran Ocean King Manuel Antonio
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