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A fabulous tour to discover the history and culture of San José

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A fabulous tour to discover the history and culture of San José

San Jose is a very beautiful city and also a small architectural gem of Costa Rica. Not only because it is the capital of the country, but because it is home to the main cultural centers of great renown such as the National Theater and the Costa Rican Art Museum.

If you are a fan of universal history, if when you travel you love to soak up the local culture and traditions, then you can not miss this incredible tour through one of the most important Latin American cities in Central America. In a journey of only 6 hours, which will allow you to get in touch with its history, its customs and its art.

Discover Costa Rica in this historic tour through San José

The company in charge of taking you to be a complete tour of the Costa Rican capital in TravelCR, a company specializing in tour packages, which has bilingual guides and all the necessary resources to make each trip an unforgettable memory. The full day tour in San Jose, is one of the most requested, because not only take you to know the historical and cultural places of the city, also includes a delicious typical lunch at the restaurant called Nuestra Tierra and a shopping trip in one of the most beautiful artisan markets in the country. But if you want to know fully how your trip will be, we invite you to enjoy this beautiful ride with us.

Full day tour in San Jose with the TravelCR boy

The tour starts at approximately 8:30 in the morning, when a vehicle identified with the logo of the touristic company, you go looking directly for the hotel. From there, you can only enjoy the incredible scenery that you will encounter on the route to the city of San José and that’s where the real fun begins.

The first stop will occur at the Costa Rican Art Museum located in La Sabana. It is the main institution of the country, dedicated to the conservation, exhibition and promotion of the plastic arts within Costa Rica. It has a wide collection composed of 6,000 works of art by national and international artists in all artistic disciplines, including mainly painting, sculpture and photography. Most of his pieces were created at the end of the 19th century, throughout the 20th century and in the current era. In this place, you will not only discover the greatest exponents of Costa Rica in the different plastic techniques, you will also be able to see works by foreign artists of great renown.

The second stop on the route is the heart of the city, where the National Theater is located, it is the main theater of the country and one of the most important architectural works of the nation because it was declared a national monument, a worthy institution of patriotic arts and historical-architectural heritage of Costa Rica. The theater has been in operation since its construction in 1897, when it became a faithful proof of the Costa Rican’s will to take action and achieve economic stability in the country. Within this building are exposed several of the works of art that make up part of the nation’s heritage.

Another place of interest that you can visit during your walk through the center of the capital is the Pre-Columbian Gold Museum, an institution that registers all the valuable pieces and sculptures that have been recovered from the different archaeological sites that are distributed in several areas. of Costa Rica and that serve as proof and pieces of study to understand the indigenous tribes that populated this geographic area of ​​the American Continent before the settlers will arrive to the new world.

Finally and to close with a flourish, the tourism company will take you to visit the Handicrafts and Crafts Market, located in the center, this place turns out to be the ideal place to buy any memory of your trip to the country of pure life. Here you will not only find handcrafted pieces made by each indigenous ethnic group that inhabits the country, you will also come across a unique piece of art made by a local artist.

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