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Get the best package to meet Manuel Antonio

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Get the best tourist package to get to know Manuel Antonio

Among all the regions of Costa Rica one of the most popular and beautiful, is the area of Manuel Antonio, located in the province of Quepos right in the central area of the Costa Rican Pacific. Here you will not only find the most beautiful landscapes of the whole country, you will also stroll along the trails of one of the most famous national parks of Central America which is none other than the Manuel Antonio National Park, home to one of the most popular beaches in world level that bears the same name.

If you want to spend a different vacation in the middle of nature, join several habitats to explore them, we recommend you take a walk through Costa Rica and more specifically through Manuel Antonio. Here you will find mangroves, swamps, forest, jungle and beach, all coexisting in harmony. It is a beautiful place in which you can practice different ecotourism activities, such as the zip-line ride, kayak tours, rappelling in the middle of great waterfalls, bike trails of a medium difficulty, photograph wildlife , bird watching and much, much more. Not to mention that at Manuel Antonio Beach, you can practice surfing, snorkeling, diving, fishing and of course taking a dip in the sea or sunbathing on the white sands. And it is that in a place like this, everything is possible.

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The tour packages offered in Manuel Antonio

Before delving into details, it is important to clarify that the tourist packages in the area vary according to the objective pursued by the visitor. For example, there are packages that are designed for extreme athletes who love to run risk, but obviously if you are in family plan, this type of ride will not be consistent with your goals, unless the children are already large and it is a family member who loves adrenaline. On the other hand, there are activities that are much more passive that focus on relaxation and harmony, if what you want is to rest and balance psychically, this is the kind of package you should set aside without hesitation twice. The types of tour packages that you will find in Manuel Antonio are the following:

  • Camping packages: If you love living in the middle of nature, enjoy a sunrise or sunset, sleep outdoors, heat your food in a campfire surrounded by people who are dedicated to tell anecdotes and listen to all the noises of the nocturnal animals that walk around. You will adore this type of tourist package. It’s about camping inside Manuel Antonio National Park with a guide that will take you to know all the corners of this beautiful place. Here you can photograph animals, identify the different plants of each ecosystem and walk through all the trails safely.
  • Packages of recreational activities: Here are taken into account a set of activities that most visitors can do without much difficulty, such as touring the different paths of the park, snorkeling, kayaking, boating, fishing, swimming on the beach, launching on a zip line, among another set of options that demand medium physical resistance.
  • Packages for extreme sportsman: One of the most demanded among the youngest tourists. In these packages they will be offered distractions such as rapids, surfing, rappelling near waterfalls, diving on the seabed, bungee jumping, kitesurfing, among other types of activities of great physical demand and high adrenaline dose.
the best tours and excursions in costa rica
  • Relaxation packages: In Manuel Antonio, you will also find packages designed to indulge in a holistic manner, that is, to balance your body, mind and spirit. Usually this type of combos includes, whole days in a spa, massage center, thermal baths, the possibility of entering a sauna or Turkish bath, yoga classes, tai chi classes, meditation sessions, lodging in centers that offer a comprehensive care, especially when it comes to food.
  • Romantic packages: If you travel to Costa Rica for important celebrations with your partner, either for honeymoon, anniversaries or reconnect with passion, in Manuel Antonio, you will find several types of packages designed to revive the flame or prevent it from going out, placing at your disposal romantic dinners, dancing, beach days and much more.


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