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Rent a summer house in Manuel Antonio

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Rent a summer house in Manuel Antonio

Among all the regions of Costa Rica, one of the most beautiful and offering the greatest variety of summer properties for rent is the area of Manuel Antonio, located right in the Central Pacific of the country. It is in this place where nature melts several of its habitats, achieving that forest, jungle, mountain and beach, share the same landscape in a masterly way. But not all the glory is taken by Mother Nature in Manuel Antonio, given that this is where the most impressive and famous luxury constructions of all Costa Rica are located, many of them have been credited with several international awards, thanks to their design avant-garde, the quality of their materials (Since most are eco-friendly with the environment) and of course, the characteristic that defines the whole country, is self-sustainable buildings of a whole.

Unquestionably, if we are thinking of spending a season in this paradisiacal country of Central America, one of the best alternatives that is offered, is the possibility of renting a holiday home near Manuel Antonio National Park, a luxury with which many tourists They have dreamed, but they have never considered it as a real alternative.

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Main advantages of renting a summer house in Manuela Antonio

The rental of vacation properties:

It is gaining followers throughout the world, and has become a trend that has proven to be sometimes a much more comfortable, functional and fun, than to stay in a hotel, although of course, the latter is still carrying all the stars in terms of themselves, because in a hotel you will be 100% attended. But when you travel as a family, with pets or prefer something more intimate and romantic, the apartments, houses or luxury villas of Manuel Antonio are unparalleled.

However, if you are still hesitating between renting a vacation property or making that annoying reservation, we want to point out the main advantages of renting a summer home in Costa Rica.

  1. Unbeatable prices: If you decide to travel in high season as a family, a holiday property is much cheaper than a hotel, especially if you decide to travel several family nuclei at once, because the rent of the property will be divided among more people, but all will be comfortable and fun.
  2. Ideal for all family members: In most of the hotels the entrance of pets is forbidden and even, there are lodgings that are exclusive for adults, where the children do not have any space. If you travel as a family and some of the members have some limitation due to age, physical situation or disability, staying on private property will be much more comfortable, safe and friendly, than being restricted by the rules of a hotel.
  3. Kitchen open 24 hours: Another one of the annoying details of the lodgings, is that if you wake up at midnight with some kind of craving, you will have to consume the mini-bar or otherwise wait for the opening time of the restaurant, because both breakfast and other meals of the day are served at a specific time and time. But if you rent a summer house, the kitchen will be open whenever you need it and the best thing is that you can eat everything you want, because here the chef is you.
  4. Secured parking: Some of the hotels in Costa Rica, especially those boutique types, have low capacity parking and sometimes it is somewhat cumbersome, both the entry and exit of them. On the other hand, if you stay in a private residence, the parking will be completely yours and you will not have to bother other guests to move your vehicle if you want to go for a walk.
  5. Travel with less luggage: The biggest advantage of all, especially if you travel with very small children who require a crib, playpen, car, etc. In the advertisements of rental properties for the summer, you specify the type of furniture that is inside the house, so you can choose one that already has many of the things you need and thus reduce your load to the maximum of luggage.

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