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Surf hotels in Costa Rica

Surf hotels in Costa Rica

One of the greatest attractions that Costa Rica has is the waves of its beaches, which makes them the ideal destination for any lover of surfing, from the novice to the most veteran, from the neophytes to the professional surfers, all consider that This small country in Central America is the ideal paradise to climb the waves on top of a surfboard.

Due to this wonderful potential, there are many professional surfers who once withdrawn from the competitive world have decided to settle on Costa Rican soil and open a surf school, the vast majority have focused their offer to visitors, foreigners who want to measure and live in meat own all the potential offered by the beaches of Costa Rica, before transforming it into their mandatory destination within their training days or simply within the holidays.

If you are a lover of climbing the waves, dominating the wild sea from a small surfboard, feel the adrenaline of advancing on the water driven by nothing more than the inertia of the wind, then you should consider staying at some of the surf hotels of Costa Rica, a whole service proposal created to provide an excellent training while having fun and know this beautiful country.

The 5 coolest surf hotels in Costa Rica

When we talk about surf hotels in Costa Rica, we must clarify that the offer is really varied, some propose intense days of training, others have plans depending on the experience of those who request them and some add to their daily routine some yoga sessions, to achieve a better body management, better balance and of course a lot of flexibility. To facilitate your choice in this type of specific accommodation we have created our list of the 5 best surf hotels in Costa Rica, to encourage you to come on a wave and feel the king of the world.

The surf hotels are the following:

  1. FunkyMonkeyLodge: Located in the Santa Teresa area, one of the best areas to surf. The hotel is super clean and comfortable, that if the rooms are rustic style cabins, has a beautiful pool where you can relax, very tasty food and is only 5 minutes from the beach walking. Within its offer has surf lessons and yoga classes, so you can take the complete initiation package in this extreme water sport.
  2. Blue Dream Hotel: If instead of classic surfing you prefer to practice other derivatives like kitesurfing, then this hotel is for you. Have a privileged access to the beach, from which you can order and request whatever you want from any member of staff. They have small boards and traction kites that are the necessary equipment to practice this sport. They also have instructors and will give you all the support if you want to learn.
  3. Atrapasueños Hotel: This hotel is located just 100 meters from Santa Teresa Beach, it has a wide variety of amenities, such as laundry, restaurant, Wi-Fi zone and much more. For guests who like surfing, the hotel has a 7-day package in an intensive surfing camp, so that by the end of the week you are already an expert wave tamer.
  4. Las Villas Avellanas: This is a surfing camp that lasts 8 days and is organized by this famous accommodation of Playa Avellanas. This place is ideal to start in the world of surfing, although the most experienced will also find much emotion thanks to the tunnels that form the waves of the beach. The camp includes 6 surf classes, board rental in case you do not bring your own, 7 nights accommodation, cleaning service and Wi-Fi, of course it also includes food and many hours of fun.
  5. Tamarindo Surf House: This is a surf school located on Tamarindo Beach, one of the most popular destinations among the surfing community. The instructors are highly trained, so it matters very little if your level of experience in the subject is practically zero or you already feel with the knowledge of a veteran, because in this place you can always learn something new.






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