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Top 10 Hotels in Manuel Antonio

Top 10 Hotels in Manuel Antonio
Top 10 Hotels in Manuel Antonio. Costa Rica, is a country of central America and is one of the smallest compared to the others ...
Costa Rica, is a Central American country and is one of the smallest compared to the others, but that does not limit it to make it the most desired and explored by visitors and tourists, who wish to spend their vacations
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Most visited Hotels in Manuel Antonio

Costa Rica is a Central American country and is one of the smallest compared to the others, but that does not limit it to make it the most desired and explored by visitors and tourists, who wish to spend their vacations in that fascinating country, very rich in vegetation, fauna, flora, mountains, forest, volcanoes and that has a lovely tropical area, described as an oasis of peace, will fill your expectations when it comes to wanting to visit, each region of Costa Rica, brings with it a world of things to enjoy and if you have travel plans to get to know it and live the best of it, here I show you one of those great places with the most crowded hotels of the moment.

Manuel Antonio, is an ideal tourist destination to explore and enjoy, in this magical place you can count on the most visited hotels, both tourists and Costa Ricans, you will have the staff ready to make your stay the best and the most fun and that way to be close to being able to walk and know the exotic of Manuel Antonio-Costa Rica.


The town of Manuel Antonio, is known worldwide for the Manuel Antonio National Park, the busiest for its extravagant nature worthy of knowing, near this beautiful park you will find the Hotel and Reserve Gaia, excellent resort for adults only, ideal for a honeymoon or for an ideal getaway for a couple holidays, is located exactly in Manuel Antonio km. 2.7 Puntarenas province, Quepos, 6350. Luxurious and glamorous, full of natural charm, it sits on the middle of the forest and is surrounded by a wonderful orchid garden. The rooms are spacious, equipped and elegant, you have the choice between a magnificent villa or choose A great suite.


Live the best experience in Costa Rica, in one of the best places of Manuel Antonio and at the same time stay in one of its best hotels as is the Hotel la Mariposa, which is located at the highest point of Manuel Antonio, is 10 minutes walk from the beach, 2 km from the beach of Manuel Antonio, is accompanied by the most magnificent view of the Pacific Ocean and the wonderful park of Manuel Antonio, this complex offers a stay to you your family in total comfort, its rooms are spacious, equipped and very luxurious, designed with the most modern, in addition to the beautiful view of the hotel, also enjoy the 4 outdoor pools, 2 include bars and 3 offer a view of the Pacific Ocean.


The place, the people, what you eat, are key points that you take when leaving on vacation, you want to combine everything in the same adventure and in the Hotel la Mansion Inn, you will find it, it is an 8 minute walk from the playa playa and other virgin beaches of the place, is also only 4 km from Manuel Antonio National Park, wonderful and unique hotel in the country that has a bat cave, apart from having a natural zoo, all its environment is full of charms and diversions. Enjoy the best dishes in the jacques cousteau restaurant, the cave the bat cave and its pool with 2 jacuzzi for your relaxation.


Arenas Del Mar is only 2 minutes walk from the beach, it is located in Manuel Antonio and the Manuel Antonio National Park is only 13 minutes from the hotel, apart from its excellent location the Arenas Del Mar Beachfront & Rainforest Resort, is a welcome and pleasant accommodation with the best friendly and attentive staff, so you can enjoy the facilities the hotel offers you fully equipped rooms, some have a balcony with a charming view, for your comfort they serve continental breakfast daily and have the best restaurant from the hotel, which prepares exquisite dishes from the region.


For lovers and lovers of the sea, the Makanda By The Sea will love it, it is located 1 km west of Plaza Vista shopping center, Manuel Antonio, Province of Puntarenas, there the complex shares the best view located 100 meters above the Ocean and tropical rainforest gardens, it is a luxurious complex with first class design, it has 13 different types of rooms and they are fully equipped, they adapt to your needs, you can also choose between a beautiful villa with a spectacular view or a cozy and fresh studio located in the splendid gardens.


Since your arrival in the country of Costa Rica, you will begin to feel and see the great landscapes that you have, full of the most wonderful nature and when you arrive at your destination in Manuel Antonio and stay at the cozy Hotel Plaza Yara, all your adventures begin to be realized, this complex is located 2 km from Quepos and 5 minutes by car from the Manuel Antonio National Park, it is a very busy complex because of its location and its cozy facilities with private balcony, which share beautiful views, the suites equipped include Living area with sofa completely comfortable and with bright colors and very colorful.


To enjoy a few days of pleasant tropical environment, surrounded in turn by the beautiful forests with its diverse fauna and being close to the 2 things at the same time, you will have it staying at the Hotel Byblos, which is located in the same national park of Manuel Antonio, just 18 minutes walk from the great beach. Inside the hotel’s facilities, it rests in its cozy rooms equipped with wood and offering views of the forest and the immense ocean, go and share some delicious drinks in the hotel bar or relax in the pool, then leave and adventure the place by riding horses, fishing and hiking, you can do everything in the same hotel.


The Altos Beach Resort & Spa, is located in a very busy area for tourists and Costa Ricans, as is the main road of Manuel Antonio Park, just 11 minutes walk to the virgin beaches of the place, Los Altos Resort offers suites modern large very luxurious and very well equipped, have the best view of the balconies where you can enjoy a delicious breakfast or a delicious drink, rest and spend the day in the pool, gym, or relax in the spa with massages and natural treatment, or you can spend the afternoon in an area of the private beach where you can rest and relax with the wonderful scenery. Outside the Los Altos Resort, get to know the best of the forest, exploring its fauna and admiring the panorama of the parks, beaches and great mountains of Costa Rica.


If you want to leave home and go to a place where you feel like in the comfort of your home, in a cool, pleasant place, with attentive and friendly people, a place where you arrive as a guest and leave as a friend, live it in the Hotel Karahe Beach, which apart from bringing everything you are looking for to relax and spend a great vacation, is located in a privileged place like Manuel Antonio, 5 km from the road to Quepos, 1 minute walk from the beach, its rooms are fully equipped, they offer you a nice view, they also have spacious private bungalows for you, some are located in the jungle and others on the beach, all different for your tastes.


The Shana Hotel, located in the hills of Punta Quepos, 5 minutes walk from the beautiful beach of Biesanz and 10 minutes walk from the beach of the Manuel Antonio National Park, you will enjoy it for its elegant rooms equipped and equipped with the more modern, also have a balcony and seating area, to appreciate the enchanting view of the garden or the ocean, apart from rest prepare to explore the Manuel Antonio National Park and the town of Quepos, also to practice and learn hiking, biking and fishing . But if you want to go beyond the place the Shana Hotel & Spa provides car rental service so you are at liberty to know.

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