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Tortuguero, the refuge not only for sea turtles

Located northwest of Costa Rica, right in the province of El Limón. There is a small town known as Tortuguero, which shelters one of the most famous national parks in the country
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Located northwest of Costa Rica, right in the province of El Limón. There is a small town known as Tortuguero, which protects one of the most famous national parks in the country, mainly because it is one of the places where many species of sea turtles that are in serious danger of extinction often go to spawn. such as the green turtle, the hawksbill turtle, the loggerhead turtle and of course the leatherback turtle, the latter being the largest specimen that enters the banks of the canals of this beautiful region.
One of the peculiarities of Tortuguero, is that it is a town whose streets are wide water channels, whose cars are small barges or canoes that connect the town of less than 50 inhabitants with the outside world. Most of the places to stay are Lodge located on the banks of the rivers and with a beautiful view of all the nature and biodiversity that protects the 19,000 hectares of land that make up this national park.

Why include Tortuguero within your tourist route?

This small town on the Caribbean coast is a paradise in itself, although it would not be the typical paradise of the Caribbean, because it does not have extensive coasts, or pina coladas on the seashore, let alone nights when you dance to the heat of the sauce. But if it is another vision of the Caribbean, a much more jungle, more relaxing and above all more natural.
The best season to visit Tortuguero is between the months of July to October, because it is during this period that most turtles tend to migrate to this region of the world to lay their eggs. But this also brings as a consequence that it is the season of the year when reservations become somewhat impossible, the canals are level with tourists and the trips are more stressful than relaxing. Our advice is that if you decide to visit Tortuguero on low or mid-season dates, you may not come across a wide variety of turtles, but if you stumble one or the other and you can enjoy the natural experience that the place has.

Details that must be taken into account when visiting Tortuguero

When visiting the village of Tortuguero, several factors must be taken into account, in order to guarantee an optimal stay and a full enjoyment of the entire natural environment, because otherwise it may bring some unpleasant surprises or at least some limitations that may cause the ride is not as wonderful as we had originally envisioned it. Some of these factors are:
  • Tortuguero is the wettest area in all of Costa Rica: In the Tortuguero National Park it rains every day, it is one of the main characteristics of the area and it is also one of the reasons why it has a wide variety of specimens, both animals and vegetables. If you are going to visit this region you should wear warm and waterproof clothes or simply be willing to soak a little in the rain.


  • Getting up very early: Nature has its own rhythm and one of the best times of the day to enjoy it in all its splendor is during the first hours of the morning, since most animals tend to go out in search of their livelihood and They let you see more easily.


  • Hire a guide and bring a pair of binoculars: Sometimes the secret to be able to observe the wildlife live and direct, is not just about getting up early, but to go with someone who knows the rhythm of the area, who has his sight trained to detect the animals within their own habitat and that can mark the way to find those moments worthy of a magazine of Therefore it is advisable not only to hire an experienced guide, but also to bring artifacts that allow us to observe more closely to the fauna and flora of the environment, such as binoculars or binoculars or in the case of having a camera have a very good objective lens.


  • Repellent, the best ally all the way: Costa Rica is definitely a forest-jungle region, therefore mosquitoes of all types proliferate, not only it is necessary to get vaccinated before visiting a tropical region of the world, it is also mandatory the use of repellent continuously, especially in the area of ​​Tortuguero, which is full of water channels that serve as a source of procreation for various types of mosquitoes. Obviously all houses and hotels have mosquito nets and with certain products that seek to reduce the number of flying insects in the area, but the environment is still an ideal place for them to live and reproduce.


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