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Villas de la Selva a luxury hotel

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Villas de la Selva offers you the best rooms in Costa Rica, with unique accommodations. In short, the comforts that we will offer you during the stay, will be one of the most comfortable for your stay in our hotel.

Villas de la Selva offers you the best rooms in Costa Rica, with unique accommodations. In short, the comforts that we will offer you during the stay, will be one of the most comfortable for your stay in our hotel.

The view offered by Villas de la Selva, will be an experience that you can not get out of your mind when you are in the hotel, a panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean coast. The truth is that we rarely look at the views offered from the rooms, and this small detail can be decisive in our vacations.

What does Villas de la Selva offer?

Another activity offered by Villas de la Selva is kayaking along the coast, an adventure that many fans of this sport will love. In addition, we also offer a catamaran equipped with the most modern you can imagine, you can also enjoy boat rides and endless recreational activities that you should not miss when you are in this wonderful hotel.

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This hotel offers easy access to a lot of fun and exciting activities for all ages and preferences.

We are located so close to the Manuel Antonio National Park, just three hours by car from the San José airport. Even, there is a bus stop conveniently located 100 meters from the main gate.

There is much to do at Hotel Villas de la Selva and its surroundings. Manuel Antonio National Park is considered one of the most impressive landscapes in the world and has several coves with many beaches of white sand and lush foliage amidst great mountains and forests that reach the beaches.

      Remember to visit us, come and stay at Villas de la Selva and enjoy a different day with your family and friends, an experience you will not forget.

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Dirección: Carretera Quepos – Manuel Antonio, 100 metros sur del restaurante La Cantina.

Teléfono: (+506) 2777-1137  Mobile:  (+506) 8906-6060

          Sitios Web: 







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